Sunday, 19 August 2007

Pack yer prayer mat and head to church

What's this picture all about then? What brilliant repartie is it going to lead into this time and have us all accidentally uncorking our bladders with mirth, huh? Er, nowt actually. I just happen to have it in digital form and so I consign it to this electronic dustbin of history. For those of you unacquainted with Istanbul, this is the Blue Mosque located in Sultanamet where I bestrode the streets aimlessly prior to my move across the Bosphorus. There are billions of pictures of the Blue Mosque better than this one on the Internet, but I was still toying with my former employer's ancient Nikon with a rooted lens, so this is the best I could manage at the time (or as David Mitchell's Somni-739 might say, I nikoned it rather sonyed it while the shoeshine boy buffed up my nikes). Nothing more to say today really, but I'll forgive myself. Prefer to reimmerse myself in Cloud Atlas, so this week's brevity is Rotten's fault.

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