Monday, 27 August 2007

Translate 'intellectual'

Interesting reading on Seznam’s Novinky today. It shows I’m desperately behind the times, but how fascinating to learn Jiri Paroubek has been porking his translator and is now set to splice the knot with her. She scrubs up very well I must say, and she obviously doesn’t mind having to heave her leg over Jiri’s acute curvature of the stomach. The 20-year difference beats my all-time record of 13 years, so I doff my cap to him. Slečna Kováčová justifies the provocation of Jiri’s marital infidelity by stating that she was ‘stimulated’ by his intellect. Hmpf, I’ve never heard it called that before. I used to do lots of intellectual stimulating myself in the good old days. Nice how she agrees with all Jiri’s political opinions, which would lead one to suggest that perhaps she not reciprocating the ‘intellectual’ stimulation in the strictest sense of the word. At least she’s her own woman on reintroducing the death penalty. Such a thoughtful lady. I would have thought it would be a lot safer for Czech politicians if they drafted in the likes of my former flatmate Libor to do all their translation work.

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