Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Opavak adds his tuppen'orth

You will remember me from frequent visits to Liberec during the mid to late nineties. These usually were three day affairs of debauchery followed by a five or six hour return trip to Opava on the "cold sweat" express. Our administrator here will remember that a similar trip in the opposite direction in 1996 led to a few days in hospital for him. Zlate casy.

These days I have joined the ranks of the office rat and have firmly joined the ranks of the B&Q, Ikea set. In fact in the words of the "James" song, Come Home, "I've become the kind of man I've always hated". Hey-ho.

There is of course time for the odd pivo here and there and I get over to CZ from time to time. Bedrich and I knocked the top off a couple of cold ones just before Christmas.

Anyhoo' I think that Kiwak should be applauded for having the patience to get this thing going and I should also apologise for the fact it has taken me so long to put anything up here. I resolve to try harder in future.

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Kivak said...

Ahhhh, the old 'cold sweat' express, eh? Golden times indeed. The soul misses those days, but the body sure doesn't. I don't I could handle even one night like that anymore, let alone three on the trot. I remember Bedrich being engrossed in Train Spotting while I was literally wanting to throw myself off one.

Well done Desicek. Another metaphorical chocolate fish for you.