Saturday, 31 March 2007

The sensitive pan Vacha

Alright, last post of the month if I'm quick enough for our five readers. I took the trouble of posting a link to PAM's wondrous shot of the old Vacha toilets at the Czech rating site for pubs and restaurants (see the link on the right hand side of this page), and to my surprise someone must have actually viewed it. Going by the stats from this blogsite's viewer recorder, it must have been someone from TUL, as it seems to act as its very own ISP. The comments from state the following:

"Za kulturu prostredi si muzou z velke casti hoste sami -- to je hlavni duvod, proc se Vacha bere jako duparna a nalejvarna. Kdyz behem tydne opilci znici trikrat zachodove prkenko, nedivte se, ze tam nikdo nove nenamontuje (napriklad)..."

So there we have it: the urinal was kept in such a state because drunks used to destroy it three times a week, so no wonder it was never rebuilt...Only we never commented on the fact that it may have been broken. Someone needs to chill out a bit, pack a case of pasticka and head off to the Dalmatian coast for a few days - preferably taking some time to sleep in a lay-by on the way down to avoid the usual Czech pile-up. Pity Our Man In Liberec doesn't stop by and check out what the latest is at the new Vacha. Does he know who Eric Cartman is by any chance? His name is on the above comment, but it's obviously not Czech. Is he possibly a German teacher or a new foreign teacher at TUL? Just curious, because as Eric says "vzhledem k osobnimu vztahu k restauraci nehodnotim, nemohu byt objektivni".

By the way, I was intrigued by the use of 'duparna' and 'nalejvarna'. Not sure about the first one (other than something like 'dance hall of ill repute'?), but I presume the second is like 'booze hall'. Don't all comment at once now...

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