Friday, 23 March 2007

Snappy pictures here

We apologise to our readers for the lack of illustrations accompanying the previous post. I can't remember who sent me these and their companion pictures, but it's bound to have been one of you pervs, if not Rotten himself (sorry, I don't mean you Agnes as our solitary female audience). I'm guessing though that this sevirka is probably not the one Rotten's referring to below. I'm also guessing that if this sevirka were to say "Polib mi bradavky" then Rotten (with all due respect to missus Rotten) would be climbing over comb-over man in order to reserve his place in the queue. This adds some real meaning to 'nahore a dolu bez'. How often does this happen outside Butte, Montucky? Given the leery fixation on the beer in these pictures, it must happen with monotonous regularity in CZ. In my experience it was all a bit of a distraction from the real reason for being in the boozer in the first place. And of course this type of service can occur anywhere at anytime, and even on a purely altruistic gratis basis. Bedrich was sometimes jealous enough of the shows put on in the Radnicni sklipek to want to steal the girls' thunder by providing the local stamgasti (mainly us) with a little display of his own. Sure, it would result in our immediate expulsion from the premises, but we were always highly appreciative of his performance.

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