Friday, 29 June 2007


Made it back to Wellington without reinforcing John Cleese’s opinion of Palmerston North. It was quite attractive in the morning actually, with views of the wind turbines on the Te Apiti Wind Farm glimpsed through the mist covering the surrounding Tararua Ranges. And I picked up a few hints on how to get out of the public service for good and launch a career in the overseas development sector, although it’ll require some girding of the cajones as I’ll have to venture into the uncharted territory of consultancy and severe the umbilical chord to the certainty of a regular income and four weeks’ annual leave. It may have to wait until next year’s trip is out of the way though.

But much more importantly, I wanted to offer heartfelt congratulations to tvc and his good lady wife on the miscegenated production of the second member of the next generation. I am most envious and not only of the growing family, but also the wife’s ability to rebound from childbirth within a couple days looking like she’s undergone nothing more than an earlobe piercing operation.

I haven’t seen pictures of E. for ages, tvc, so I recommend you follow the example of Bedřich and put some images on a photoshare site where it’s easy to view updates. I hope Bedřich won’t mind if I put the link to his pics here. Our Man In Liberec also puts his baby picks at the same site here.

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