Thursday, 10 May 2007

Forays into Czech journalism

G'day Kivak. It's just you, me, myself and I, and the occasional accidental tourist from Pakistan or Japan, so feel free to do whatever you want. Yep, I got absolutely sick of seeing that ugly grinning mug of yours on the introductory picture so I just had to change it to what was in our very first post.

And because it's just the four of us now, I'm sure neither you, me, myself nor I will mind if we take the liberty of posting up the one foray we made into Czech journalism a few years ago. Not because I'm particularly proud of it mind you, but it's just handy to have it on the net somewhere in case the missus does what she did to some other historic articles of mine and uses them as firestarters (serves me right for storing them by the woodburner I suppose). The editor of Respekt generously agreed to publish something from me before even seeing what I was capable of, although he did preface his acceptance with the statement "I trust you're on our side of the barricades". I wonder if he would publish yesterday's rant about Klaus the Klown?

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