Sunday, 6 May 2007

New start tomorrow

Better write something to keep the monthly numbers up. After a rather enjoyable week arsing around at home erecting a new washing line, replacing weather boards at the back of the garage, sowing more grass seed and catching up on my university studies, it's time to re-enter the wage economy (yay...). Have to report to Homeland Security tomorrow, although I'm scoobied if I know who the hell I'm supposed to ask for, what time I'm supposed to turn up and or what I'm actually supposed to do. Like most large government departments I won't be expected to do any work in the first month or so anyhow, and I think I'm being sent away for some Maori language training in the first week in any case. I heard something on the radio this morning regarding public access to the births, deaths and marriages registry which I'll no doubt get caught up in. Doesn't exactly fill me with paroxysms of excitement. Still, I've justified the position to myself by determining that it'll be the very last public service role that I'll fill; after that I'll be organic farming or some such like for me. I'm absolutely dreading having to don the corporate uniform of dress trousers, business shirt and tie again. But I shouldn't get so pessimistic about it. After all, it could turn out to be sort of interesting, and if I'm really lucky my colleagues might be smart and intelligent people. I certainly hope that's the case, coz God, I get sick of writing about work. Must make a mental note to stop thinking about it so much and enjoy the million other things in life. I could start writing about them now, but, no, it's time for bed. PAM sent me some more great pics from the old days, so I'll try and get some posted shortly.

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