Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Treti navrat idiota

Ach jo. Better keep the numbers up, particularly as Idaho has been checking in over the last couple of days.

The plans have gone slightly awry for the next return to CZ next year, surprise, surprise. They haven't been cancelled, but they have been brutally truncated. The missus, influenced by the large ex-pat community here that believes it escaped hell on earth by migrating to the other side of the world, vehemently insists that she's not going back for more than an extended holiday. That means three months. It's slightly problematic in that I'll have to completely renovate the flat in Zlicin while we're there, which will leave s.f.a. time for acclimatising back to my natural habitat (nalejvarna), but with a lot of you guys having spoiled the party by knocking up your wives and churning out mini-mes, the potential is there for a lot of lonely drinking. Nevertheless, I think I might have negotiated a special deal for myself whereby I take a full six months, with the excuse being that I can expedite the flat refurbishment a lot quicker by myself if I go on ahead alone. The ulterior motive is to give myself the chance of travelling overland to save on those nasty CO2 emissions (even though the contrails can have the opposite effect to global warming, as seen in the dramatic heating up of the atmosphere over America in the 3-4 days after 9/11 when all air traffic was grounded, but that's another digression). Travelling overland actually allows me to explore a shitload of countries to where I've never ventured before, and hence could provide a modicum of excitement and new material for this blog, should it survive that long. I'd probably fly to somewhere like Singapore/Bangkok and then strike out by train or bus through Malaysia-Thailand-Burma-Bangladesh/India-Pakistan-Iran-Turkey-Europe. It's just a pipe-dream at this stage of course - should be plenty of organic material to stuff into the corncob on the way through Pakistan - but that's what I'm aiming for at this stage. The flat becomes vacant theoretically at the start of March, so that could be when I embark on my journey.

Of course, this is all predicated on having a big stash of loot on hand to not only pay the way (and the missus's flight tickets), but also cover the mortgage, insurance, rates, etc, while we're away and have something left over when we return. That would all be resolved, however, if we sell the flat for a decent price. Any offers?

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