Friday, 13 July 2007

Hadry in Had (I)

I found some pictures, taken probably in June 1996 in Had Klub. You should recognize some famoust faces, even if I still did not improve the quality of the scans. Before I put other pics on the blog, issued from the same "fashion" show, you should give some comments on the people appearing on these ones, to remain to the Liberazzi community some names or stories at least.


Kivak said...

I'm sorry to say PAM that I don't know any of these lassies. Then again maybe I did get to 'know' them in the King James biblical sense, but I can't remember. Hmmm, 1996, I think I could have been suffering renal problems in a Prague hospital. I could have been there I suppose, but I'm reasonably sure it wasn't the same evening that Kaca's apoplectic boyfriend tried to nail me with a wild left hook, which provoked the immediate intervention of Bedrich.

PAM said...

Yes, it was the same evening but you forget to mention that you were knocking on her door while her boyfriend was staying there! Now, like you signalize this story, I can remember the rest of the night. Thanks!

Anyway, you should have recognized B., our Freak Parade singer, one of the Had barman. The contributors should recognize some students.

Kivak said...

Ah, right, yes now I see. Becky in the middle picture. Still don't recognise any students though. Sorry you're not getting more comments there, Pam, but you must keep your expectations low.