Thursday, 12 April 2007

The final flourish...until the inevitable next time

Mhyeeeeeee! Good advice there Rotten from the last post. It did indeed get to me in time, but as much as I wanted to print it off, frame it in gold lame, present it to Frau Torquemada and rest my case, I ended up only using snippets of it in today's highly amusing tete-a-tete (sorry about the lack of accents here PAM). Actually it wasn't an intimate head-to-head at all, as Our Big Fat Greek Pudding was there as well taking notes; I just hope she took down the right notes, i.e. the bits where I paraphrased Rotten. I managed to squeeze in a reference to buttering the toilet paper, but I think it sailed past them and wasn't entered into the minutes (I'll post a copy once I get hold of it - I told them I wanted a copy to share among all my mates). I was taken to task for not giving due respect to what was a 'very serious' matter, to which I replied that their little bureaucratic process was about as serious as George Bush winning a two-thirds Senate majority to amend the constitution to allow him a third term in office. I think that one sailed past as well. And I asked whether the two alleged sites I'd been viewing (one a Skype-style online chat site that has recently morphed into a peep site for pervs and the other a dating site where I was looking for pick-ups for the brother-in-law) were anything like viewing something like - another Rotten line -

To cut a half-hour story short, I eventually delivered the coup-de-grace and final flourish by presenting her with my resignation letter and signing it in front of her. Went down like a cup of cold sick, just as I anticipated. Life would be a little dull without some drama from time to time.

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