Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Happy 'kulatý' Birthday to me

Just about managed to align the number of posts with my birthday number today, but didn't quite make it. PAM got me close, but we fell just a couple agonisingly short. The bouquets, 'Debbie Does Dallas' DVDs, jars of haemorrhoid cream, odor eaters, Turd Family porcelain pieces, Densa Club membership forms and toupees have all been rolling in through the post today to mark yet another momentous occasion in this year's calendar. The New Zealand cricket team celebrated in appropriate fashion by crafting a win against Bangladesh in the World Cup to almost guarantee themselves a berth in the semi-finals, while the All Whites defiantly refused to allow an eighth goal past them in their match against Venezuela.

What was I doing this time eleven years ago? Getting totally rubbered at U Potočku just up the road from Budova 'A'. I think I lost a pair of glasses but gained about three bottles of Scotch as a result of that wee celebration. It was the 29th I recall and was probably the best birthday of all. The 30th was combined with somebody else in the Adria poolhall with the lovely young Georgian barmaid and her delightful brother, the aspiring mafia don with a Smith & Wesson tucked into his sock. Road Warrior was in a munificent mood and had handed out Svijany t-shirts to all-comers, or was it Budvar t-shirts? That must have been during one his regular midnight runs to Liberec to liaise with his then squeeze, which required displays of dexterity on the backseat of the Skodovka never seen before or since. Back at Adria I think I used Rotten's newly acquired apparel to mop up my spilt beer.

And in case you forgot how I looked at the time, PAM has kindly donated another snappy picture from his collection. C'est magnifique, n'est pas?


Desicek said...

Happy Birthday old boy,

Older though not much wiser than times past.

Lang may yir lum reek.


tvc said...

Christ, Andrew with hair, this is a real archive photo....

tvc said...

Correcting the record here.
Svijany wasn't around and can't remember me handing out shirts but could have happened. If this was indeed 96, I was still teaching, not yet dating the bird in Jablonec. I'm fairly sure in April 96 I was girlfriendless. A year later brought us the Friday piss-ups with the boys then scooting down to Jablofuck in the red Felicia to make nice with girlfriend and fam