Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Sodomise my mind

Sorry to bore you two with work-related matters, but the drama is continuing and it has the ability to make good copy. I thought that little mind-sodomisingly petty bureaucratic process I was involved in last week would have died a natural death by now, but it's still being pursued with the clueless mindlessness of Shane Warne pursuing an emotional engagement via texting. Despite handing in my resignation and departing in a couple weeks' time, the matter has reached the stage where I'm now having to think seriously about involving lawyers and causing maximum embarrassment for the Chief Executive of the outfit. My hope is that he's trying to remain above the fray and doesn't want to be dragged through the dirt and will therefore rein in the lower management and the unbridled animus they're exhibiting toward me. Sure I've been a dick, but the manner in which it's been escalated is totally over the top. I got a classic letter today from the Acting Manager stressing the seriousness of the matter, which I'll try and scan and put up on the blog tomorrow. The bureaucratic language is a real treat, and I'm going to have to reciprocate in kind.

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