Thursday, 1 February 2007

Bedrich on top

Yep, well done Bedrich! You managed to successfully negotiate your way through the technological labyrinthe to get logged on as a co-author. And here to the right is a small tribute to your well-known ability to overcome all hazards placed before you and which provides ample evidence to the rest of us that Bedrich always likes to go on top (and can you also make out Johnny Rotten's spiffing red shoes in the background?). We salute you, which makes me feel like listing the lyrics to my favourite Lou Reed number, but one is enough for the day. Let us all also doff our caps to Bedrich for leading the scoring in diluting the Czech gene pool by producing not one but two wee nippers in the last few days, curtesy of the missus of course. Road Warrior will have to get cracking if he wants to stay ahead of the field, but more about that character a bit later. Anyhow, I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say I'm looking forward with much anticipation to Bedrich's first post.

By the way, I should own up to having usurped the original motivation behind this blog. It was Johnny Rotten's idea and he was envisaging a site where all those old Harcov residents could post absolutely anything they liked: favourite books/bands, random ideas/opinions, etc, so don't think you're obliged to rake over old coals, as I'm more than likely to do here. Write any old shit you like, although the Administrator tells me he reserves to right to signpost any nonsense.

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