Thursday, 8 February 2007

Three faces of TC, aka Road Warrior

Heh, heh, heh. Can't resist this. And it is my lunchtime afterall. I had to mark the arrival of Road Warrior to our fold in a fit and proper manner, so here is a group of highly sympathetic detailed personal portraits of our man in his natural habitat outside of a Peugeot 504 (sorry TC, not sure what you're monitoring the Central and Eastern European motorways in these days). Note the ubiquitous presence of pullitr and security ashtray.
Portrait One has Our Man in Sofia fiendishly plotting the exposure of Kivak as a wholly inadequate practitioner of Maori war dances, using the convincing and irrefutable argument of "Do it man, do it, do it man".

Portrait Two has Brnensky Borac stewing over the expected time of arrival of his next Plzensky Prazdroj at the salubrious and celebrated Formanka hospoda in Liberec during the last known reunion of a sizeable portion of our co-authors. Also note the automated positioning of the left hand ready to receive all incoming calls from head office despite the absence of a mobile phone. "C_____, prosim Vas!"

And finally, Personality Study Three has Top Cat feeling a little coquettish (as opposed to 'kokot'ish) following ample resupply of said favourite renal cleansing fluid. Welcome my friend.

Thumbnail portraits open to discussion.

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