Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Enough of the frivolity

Had to make another post to avoid seeing that pair of buttocks first thing and arousing the curiosity of my nearest neighbours here at work. And this picture seemed like a good antidote and could possibly also explain why we haven't seen cobbers from parts of Bohemia for a while. This is apparently a picture of the recent inversion in the north of the country - Jaslovske-Bohunice (?) - curtesy of Dezicek.

Wasted half the day yesterday participating in a job interview, although according my gullible current employer I was attending to an emergency out the back of the house when a flood of raw sewage came bubbling up the gully trap at the back door, requiring the immedate attentions of a plumber. All came to nowt however, as the interviewing panel clearly saw through my weak attempt to carry off some gravitas and wasted no time in telling me so. Things started to go pear-shaped at the second question, which was the classic, "So, tell us what gets you excited?", at which point I probably closed my eyes, consciously tightened my sphincter, and desperately held back to urge to say something like "Polishing my purple policeman's helmet, you fucking knob".

Back to the drawing board then. Shouldn't complain though, as where else could I goof off as much, as well as get the funding to prolong my neverending university studies. Will have to get a little bit more serious this year though, as there's no exam which means all assignments have to completed on time and not handed in six weeks late, as has been my habit until now. The name of the paper this year, since you asked? Topics in Sustainability. First assignment should be fun: a film review of something with a sustainability theme or depiction of native peoples. I was thinking of maybe The Emerald Forest, which would provide ample latitude to analyse in minute detail the scenes featuring naked South American Indian nubiles. Any recommendations?

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