Thursday, 8 February 2007

You Asked For It

Nazdar Motherfuckers! (Can I say "motherfuckers" on this blog? Motherfuckers, motherfuckers...) No, Rotten, I haven't been drinking yet.

Kivak, awesome work in setting this thingy up. Been a long time, my man. I'd have joined sooner except I didn't have the foggiest from your first email who the fuck "Kivak" was and why he kept inviting me to his blog. Looked like the kind of spam I delete every day. At any rate, I'm here.

My vain hope is that this format may help ameliorate my well-deserved rep as a lamefuck correspondant. (No sniping from the peanut gallery, Rotten..) Suffice to say that I'm glad to be back in touch with you bastards, and intend to stop by frequently. For reals.

Also, suffice to say that probably like y'all, my life has changed significantly since I was last in touch. Won't bore you with the details now, except to say that life is better than ever and I couldn't be happier. Hope something similar is true for you. But I will still beat your asses...

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