Friday, 23 February 2007

Signing off (for a week)

I got sick of looking at that dead rat each time I came in to check how much mileage we're clocking up here, so I thought I'd post something more aesthetically pleasing. I could have posted something from Our Man in Liberec's new Flickr site in homage to the unmistakable evidence that his biological duty has been performed, but I shall follow the ethical course trailblazed by celebrity magazine editors around the globe (...) and resist placing kiddy pics in the public domain (assuming the seven people who know about this blog and couldn't get by each day without reading it outnumber those who know about the Flickr site).

And so what can I say about the couple pictured here? You don't need to rub too may brain cells together to produce that spark of recognition in regard to that man on the right. The early stages of a receding hairline, the Chesire grin, the jokeshop blackened teeth and the ability to ham it up at someone else' wedding are a dead giveaway. The wee lassie on the left, on the other hand, is none other than our Scottish mascot, Bindy; not to be confused with the equally pint-sized heir to Steve Irwin's estate. Despite the reasonably intimate-looking nature of this photo, I have it on excellent authority that the bloke here was more interested in the bride rather than the guests, although the latter's later catatonic state precluded any potential interference in what were otherwise very happy nuptials.

And my other motivation for posting today is that I'm off tramping for the next week, so you blogophiles will have to get your fix elsewhere, or else - and I know this is a crazy idea - file your own posts. I'm doing the Travers-Sabine circuit in the Nelson Lakes region, which is going to take me about five days hard slog over mountain passes and all on my Jack Jones (to see where I'm heading, take a look at this link See you at the end of it.

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Anonymous said...

have fun! looking forward to more posts.
Agnes :)