Thursday, 1 February 2007

Lost in translation

Has anyone seen this man? It doesn't look like it here, but when last heard of he was lost in the well remunerated translation of some dense tome. Besides, it's unlikely he'd get hold of the requisite pass to be photographed in this type of estblishment again. It's more probable that he's professorily champing at his nails, furrowing his brows, and staring wistfully over the streetscape outside the museum as he broods over a problem of syntax. Rumour has it that this particular branch of the Harcov family has a future Scunthorpe FC, sorry, I mean Scottish striker baking away in the oven and due for presentation sometime in April/May?

This is the first in a potential series of show and tell postings revealing the lives of all the possible co-authors of this blog. You see the benefit of taking all those pictures over the decades? This particular personage was selected for a show and tell today only because his picture was easily accessible. But don't worry, the technology to get all those old hard copy photos onto the Net is readily available, so you can expect a few pictorial blasts from the past shortly. Yeah, I know I've done more than my fair share of blogging today, but I thought you might miss me while I'm away with the missus on a tramping trip for the duration of the approaching holiday weekend.

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Desicek said...

As I believe you have now spoken to the young scamp you will know that junior arrived on the 15th of Feb. I believe the publicans of Lib did brisk trade that evening.