Monday, 26 February 2007

I can't think of a title for this post, so I'll leave it to the Administrator to fill in this gap

Our founder having sunk this blog to the depths of his stoat killing antics (not to mention pictures of sexy buttocks) I feel it’s time to rescue it.

The first Liberazzi event of any significance happened at the weekend as a few of the old Harcov gang gathered for Charlie’s wedding. For those that don’t know, Charlie set out to Taiwan in ‘99 to make his fortune. As far as I know he’s still skint but he has, remarkably, managed to convince the beautiful Jade to marry him.

Here’s the happy couple. Charlie is a very lucky man.

For me the wedding marked the end of my reign as ‘champion organizer of bureaucratically challenging weddings’. It took us 6 months to get all our ducks lined up in Korea. Charlie’s achievement was extra special in that he added a speed element to the competition, managing to jump through all the hoops in a little over a month. Anyone wishing to steal Charlie’s crown will have to marry an underage homosexual Bolivian in Pyongyang a week tomorrow.

And here’s a few faces from Harcov a decade or more ago.

All looking as young and fresh faced as they did U Vachy in ’96.

Finally here's the only one I have from the business end of the evening in Hotel Praha. Some serious Jamesons Oirish fuelled reminishing going on here. It was wonderful to see Le Frenchman who was keen to round of the night with a nostalgic trip to some of the old haunts. Perhaps he did??

A lovely afternoon and evening. Just like a classic 8 hour lunch in Zverinek really. Plenty screaming, dribbling and crawling around on the floor, even some bare bottoms and I think someone threw up. The small army of under 3s are learning fast.


Kivak said...

Shlock of the week 1: Is that really Le Frenchman? Mon ami has even less hair and dress sense than I do these days!
Shlock of the week 2: Someone else posted while I was away. There's a chocolate fish on its way to you, mate. I'll be bringing the blog brow a bit lower soon.

Kivak said...

Whoops, sorry, forgot to say well done Charles. A Prince among men. What are his plans now anyone?