Sunday, 11 February 2007

Spot the difference

The infamous party piece of our founder.

An ancient maori ritual adopted by the All Blacks to terrify the oppostion. Later adopted by a bespectacled and balding flyweight in the pubs of northern Bohemia as a signal of complete inebriation. Also caused folk to wet their pants.

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Kivak said...

Ba-boom! And now for the actual story. Kivak only ever performs this ritual under immense coercion from his equally sophisticated drinking companions. On this particular occasion, so atrophied was his knowledge of this dignified ceremonial dance that in the face of impassioned pleas that he was unable to perform (ladies, you didn't read that), Kivak was passed a cellphone and told to call a New Zealander in Prague to ask what the words and actions were. Only then, after writing down and repeating each word over and over again and still forgetting them did he with a heavy heart rise to appease the baying crowd. Dear readers, take particular note of the character in the left-hand corner of the second picture as Bedrich himself adoringly and affectionately recreates the action.