Thursday, 1 February 2007

It’s burning up time

The Brighton train it goes real soon
My Brighton Belle is in her room
It's burning up time
Burning up time

I wanna burn up while I'm having good times
Don't wanna burn up with other people's bad times
Like a meteor
Like to meet yer

The weekend's here the Finchley Boys
Are gonna make a lot of noise
It's burning up time

You either love or you despise
There's just no time for compromise
The days have gotta move real fast
We know that nothing's gonna last

Is this a load of nonsense? Yes, of course it is, but it does provide me with the title for this post and hint at the nature of my daily routine, plus it gives me a chance to put in a plug for the favourite band of my teenage years, The Guildford Stranglers (who, by the way, I saw at Lucerna in 2001).

And speaking of my daily routine, I must concede that Rotten has a valid point to make regarding the phenomenon of blogging at the taxpayers’ expense, although I’d point out that my office time is not particularly valuable. In my defence, however, I can assure you that the little work that I do is high value-added, even if I may be plodding along at 20% capacity. I can do this because I have refined the art of multi-tasking, i.e. I can skype, blog, email, upload photos, trade lascivious gossip with my neighbour and write the odd piece of governmental statutory documentation simultaneously. And providing the illusion of industry is enough for most employers. I guess I’m also at a certain advantage over most of you guys because I don’t have the responsibilities of parenting, casting auditions, meeting publishers’ deadlines, and breaking records for carbon emitted on business trips per annum, and therefore I am ‘time-rich’.

Truth be told, this is actually the fourth blog I’m contributing to at the moment as a result of testing out my hypothesis that it only takes six weeks to form a habit. The habit I’m wanting to form is writing, and so far the energy levels haven’t dipped too precipitously. The other blogs are simple affairs, like an experiment in tracking down ancestors (, another one for generally dumping all my middle-class whiteboy woe-is-me existentialist angsty wank (no url because it’s too full of crap and may go by the bye soon enough), while the final one I can’t mention for fear I’ll get into a power of shit once again…

Sadly, all this extra-curricular publicly-funded blogging may be coming to an unromantic end shortly because some unwitting putz out there is seriously considering me for a year’s contract for a stupid amount of money, although I’m divided over whether I should be taking the prospective offer as seriously. I’ve already duped my way past the first screening interview by answering the naffest questions imaginable, but now I’m meant to put all those answers down in writing. Just take a look at this utter tosh:

Okay, and after all this waffle I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to write here in the first place. Probably something about encouraging you other fellas to write posts, although comments are fine if that’s how you want to contribute. I’m totally new to this game myself, but I presume that once you log in with the invites I sent out you can easily start posting. I see we’ve got three of us looped in so far, so I think it’s fair to say that we can start indulging in some gratuitous piss-taking of the others until they’re shamed into joining.


Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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